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I am proud to own a beautiful piece of Marietta's history

Thank you to Trish Caldwell Landsittel for publishing this great article about our office.

Monday, Nov 22, 2021

101 Putnam Street Marietta


Saturday, while driving around Marietta admiring the Christmasdecor, I couldn't help but notice workmen at the former address of Dr. Roger Anderson. Built in 1833, the Bank of Marietta, at 188 years old, is one of our oldest structures. Over the years this address has offered a variety of goods and services. Physicians and surgeons, Hart & McClure were located here according to the 1890 directory. How ironic that the previous owner was a physician as well [Dr. Roger Anderson]. My favorite through the years was Wallahala Gallery.

A freshly painted red door on the facade of this 6,000+ square foot structure provided the answer behind Marietta's newest resident at 101: Rolf Baumgartel. According to a September 27 online post Attorney Rolf Baumgartel noted:

"Beginning Monday, October 4, 2021, we will be in our new office located at 101 Putnam Street, Marietta, Ohio. We are working on rebuilding the stairs to the second floor, so please watch your step! Thanks, Attorney Rolf Baumgartel"

In the midst of researching the structure's origin this weekend - to serve as a welcome post - the following was posted by Shara Cunningham on the FB group, Memories of Marietta:

"I am looking for any historical information or old pictures of our building. It is the Bank Trustee building. I would like to put as much historical information in our lobby as I can find. We recently purchased the building and are doing a lot of work on the inside and outside to preserve it. I would like to have an open house when the work is complete for anyone interested in seeing the building. I’m going to insulate the attic this week and I’m hoping for some good finds. Thanks!"

HISTORY At the north corner of Putnam and Front Street can be found the First Bank Building, which was opened in 1833 for the Bank of Marietta.

Marietta's first bank - chartered in 1808 - stood watch over the Muskingum River at 519 Fort Street. Utilizing his Federal style Harmar home, built in 1805, David Putnam, abolitionist, who harbored escaped slaves from Henderson Hall [Boaz, Ohio] opened it "with his cousin Gen. Rufus Putnam".

"The bank building at 101 Putnam Street served as the Bank of Marietta’s third and final location. The second floor was complete with a built-in vault and cashier’s residence. The bank’s charter expired in 1843."

The first "regular banks of Ohio" were founded in 1808, and generally speaking, "the so-called banks in the early days of Ohio were literally established without capital or experience on the part of those who managed the same. Notes for circulation were scarce, and when obtained were of doubtful value."

"...counterfeits were so abundant that it required the knowledge of an expert to avoid them. There were counterfeits on a large portion of the Ohio banks, as well as the Bank of the United States. The engraving on the bank-notes of that day was so poorly done that it was no difficult task to imitate them."

The following is a list of the banking institutions located in Ohio from 1803 to 1861..." [I'm only posting Marietta's, but will leave the link below to access the others.]

The Bank of Marietta; incorporated in 1808, rechartered in 1816, charter expired in 1843. Paid up capital in 1837, $1O1,090, and bills in circulation to the amount of $120,271. Rufus Putnam, President, and David Putnam, Cashier.

The directors named in the charter were Rufus Putnam, Benjamin I. Gilman, William Skinner, Paul Fearing, Dudley Woodbridge, Earl Sproat, and David Putnam. This charter was for the term of ten years. In 1816 the charter, although not yet having expired, was extended, under the banking act of 1816, to January 1, 1843.

The following were the successive Presidents and Cashiers:

Presidents: Rufus Putnam, Benjamin I. Gilman, Dudley Woodbridge, Levi Parker, and John Mills.

Cashiers: Benjamin Putnam, David Putnam, David S. Chambers, Alexander Henderson, William B. Barnes, Arius Nye, and A. T. Nye.


"A branch of the State Bank of Ohio, was organized and commenced business November 3, 1845, under the name of the Bank of Marietta, with John Mills, President, and Noah L. Wilson, Cashier.

In 1857, Noah L. Wilson resigned and I. R Waters was elected Cashier.

Congratulations on your new acquisition, Rolf Baumgartel and Shara Cunningham.

What follows will be more history and photos of 101 Putnam Street.

--- Trish Caldwell-Landsittel

Sources: * Ohio History Journal. * History of Washington County. 1881. * Attorney Rolf Baumgartel, * Marietta's Self-Guided Walking Tour. * Scott Britton, The Castle. * Henry Burke blog. * Parkersburg News & Sentinel, Harmar district has special place in history, March 22, 2015. * Marietta College Special Collections. * Banks of Ohio 1803 to 1861:

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Beginning Monday, October 4, 2021, we will be in our new office located at 101 Putnam Street, Marietta, Ohio. We are working on rebuilding the stairs to the second floor, so please watch your step! Th

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