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01. Felony Charges

Felony Charges

Felonies are charges which carry the possibility of incarceration in a state prison system. Sentences can range from months to life sentences, again depending upon the seriousness of the specific charge, however, some offenses carry a mandatory minimum sentence, In some cases, prison sentences can be suspended for a period of supervised probation, under terms established by the Court.  These conditions can include such orders as:

  • substance-abuse counseling

  • periodic drug screening

  • restitution

  • no-contact orders


Felony convictions also typically result in the permanent loss of gun rights. In Ohio, defendants charged with certain lower-level drug offenses may be eligible for treatment instead of conviction. This process provides for the dismissal of charges following the successful completion of court-ordered substance-abuse counseling and probation.

Felony Process in Court

Before a felony defendant can be tried by a jury or judge, his or her case must be presented to a grand jury for indictment. If the defendant is charged prior to being indicted, he or she has a right to a preliminary hearing.

If anyone has been charged with a felony or believes they are the target of a criminal investigation, they should IMMEDIATELY contact a criminal defense attorney. It is important that you DO NOT speak to law enforcement or ANYONE else about the accusations prior to speaking with your criminal defense attorney.  


Ohio classifies felony offenses into five categories: first, second, third, fourth, and fifth-degree felonies. First-degree felonies are the most serious category, while fifth-degree felonies are the least serious. Additionally, Ohio has a number of felony offenses that are not identified by degree.

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For many people facing criminal charges, the experience can be one of the most difficult, stressful and confusing events of their lives.​ The consequences of a criminal conviction can stay with you throughout your life. Finding competent legal representation is critical and can substantially change the outcome of your case. 

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